Hi, this is Vaishali Bansal

Founder of Vaba

I wholeheartedly believe in cherishing the journey of childhood; a time that should never be rushed or compromised. Inspired by this sentiment, our brand is dedicated to creating clothes that allow our little ones to revel in the magic of being themselves. We strive to capture the essence of pure joy, untamed playfulness, and the innocent wonder that defines childhood. Our garments are thoughtfully designed to let children be little, embracing big smiles, exploring with soiled feet, and embracing the beautiful messiness of life. With every stitch, we aim to make a lasting impact, ensuring that our little ones can truly experience the joy of growing up, one precious moment at a time.

We prioritize ample neck and arm space in our designs, making it effortless for your baby to slip into our outfits with utmost ease and comfort.

We use 100% pure organic cotton, allowing our clothes to breathe with your baby, keeping them cool, comfortable, and happy.

With each wash, our garments become softer and more comfortable, standing the test of time & offering lasting quality.

Our outfits grows alongside your child, ensuring a perfect fit. And yes, we provide free alterations ;)

Our Fabric's Journey

We believe in pre-washing our fabrics to eliminate shrinkage and ensure optimal softness and longevity, providing ultimate comfort for your little one.


Lasts from Play-time to Naptime

Our outfits are so comfortable that your little munchkin can play, explore, and sleep in the same outfit, ensuring maximum comfort throughout their day.

Choose Handmade

Our handwoven cotton fabrics are meticulously crafted without electricity, resulting in an exquisite blend of softness & eco consciousness